Aaron Fontaine lands role in Doctors!

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You may remember him in Hollyoaks, but now Aaron Fontaine has only gone and landed himself a guest role in the daytime soap Doctors and he’s playing a villain…

Aaron will be cast in a two part special which will see him  causing trouble. He’ll play Jackson Reaney who’s a deceptive charmer.

Jackson has a partner called Leah and a family, but we soon see that he isn’t all that he seems and is involved in a lot of dodgy dealings.

We will first see Jackson when he tries to charm a young female victim by distracting her so she won’t see his criminal accomplice Dion steal her purse.

The next day Jackson eyes up his next victim and it’s the Mill’s practice nurse Ayesha Lee. Jackson’s story with Ayesha continues over two episodes, and fans will be shocked when they see just low he can go to con women.

Doctors will air Aaron Fontaine’s guest appearance on Monday 25th January and Tuesday 26th January at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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