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No more CBB for international viewers, TV3 remove fansites’ YouTube videos leaving thousands in the lurch

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It’s bad news for Big Brother UK fans that watch the Channel 5 show from outside the United Kingdom as Irish broadcaster that screens CBB in Ireland have removed a popular Big Brother fansites YouTube videos.

Big Brother fans have voiced their outrage at TV3 Ireland who have decided to remove Garry videos. He uploads the videos to his YouTube channel ‘GarryBB’ on behalf of popular radio show ‘Big Bro Radio’.

Dr. Detroit and Garry from Big Bro Radio make no money from uploading the videos to their international audience and have expressed their anger at what has happened.

“I want to know how they think they can destroy a professional YouTube channel that makes no money off of the video’s! Channel 5 own the show at the end of the day,” Dr. Detroit said.

The removal of the episodes does come at a surprise considering all copyright and credit is given to Channel 5 in all of Garry’s videos. Every video that is uploaded is not recorded from TV3 Ireland, and displays the Channel 5 logo at the top of every video so there’s not much ground for them to delete the YouTube videos.

“We aren’t making money from it, we give full credit to our friends at Channel 5, and even the episodes themselves have the 5HD logo on them so they’re not even recorded from TV3,” Garry told Reality Spy.

We approached TV3 Ireland for a comment, and a spokesperson said: “Due to rights restrictions, clips from Celebrity Big Brother over 3 minutes are only available to the UK and Ireland.”

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