Coronation Street spoiler: Audrey Roberts suffers a health scare!

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Next week we’ll see Audrey become unwell and suffer a health scare in Coronation Street just at the start of a new romance between her and Ken.

It’s a big week for Audrey after Ken invites her out for a drink following his break up with Nessa.

Audrey declines the invite, but the pair agree to go out the next day. However, disaster strikes when Audrey suffers from really bad chest pains and later collapses.

Ken goes to see Audrey at the salon to remind her about their arrangements but is shocked and horrified to find her collapsed on the floor.

Ken rushes to help her and calls for an ambulance and at this moment, Audrey considers revealing her true feelings to Ken.

At the hospital, Audrey is told that she has suffered from an angina attack. When Ken visits her at home, will Audrey be ready to admit how she feels about him?

Coronation Street will air these scenes on Wednesday 27th January 2016 and Friday 29th January on ITV.

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