Coronation Street: Psycho Jenny to return…

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When Rita decides to keep up with the times and join Facebook, she gets an unexpected message from Jenny and tells Sophie Webster.

Sophie immediately warns Rita that Jenny is bad news, but Rita senses that there is something up with Jenny and agrees to meet her.

The pair meet up in the park where Jenny tells Rita that she has received help for her mental illness and asks for forgiveness. Jenny flees though when Rita hesitates to accept her apology.

While in a haste running away, Jenny drops her purse. Rita is able to track her down and discovers that Jenny is living in a squalid bedsit.

After getting through to Rita, Jenny then returns to the cobbles wanting to talk to Kevin. Outraged Sophie isn’t too welcoming and demands to know why she is back.


At No.13, Jenny pours her heart out to Kevin Webster explaining how mentally ill she’s been but with the help of counselling is now a lot better. Kevin listens, conflicted.

Has Jenny received the appropriate treatment and is finally better, or has she another dark evil plan in the mix?

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Friday, January 29th from 7:30pm.

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