Celebrity Big Brother 2018

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

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After an explosive night, Megan slept in Big Brother’s spare room.

David and Stephanie are in the garden talking about Megan’s behaviour last night. David says, “I don’t know how much she drank, but I’ve never seen that side of her. You couldn’t calm her down” and then “that was the heaviest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Danniella is in the Diary Room, also talking about Megan. She tells Big Brother, “I understand where she’s coming from, I’m the same, she’s fiery like me. She’s got a point, if that’s how she feels and that’s how she’s been made to feel then she’s allowed to say that.”

Stephanie checks how John is feeling following last night’s events. He tells her, “I’m totally cool babe, I think Megan just had too much to drink.”

© Channel 5
© Channel 5

Danniella is in the bedroom talking to Gemma about all of the arguments that have taken place in the house, “I’m going to be honest with you, and not in a horrible way. You load a gun up and then people get pissed off and they fire off.” Gemma replies, “I know what I’m doing, don’t I.”

After last night’s events, Big Brother calls Megan to the Diary Room. She is given a formal warning for her unacceptable behaviour. Megan apologies, then says “the only reason I flipped like that at Tiffany is because she flipped at me. I was trying to help Tiffany. I was explaining to everybody how two-faced John is.”

Tiffany is also called to the Diary Room and reminded of appropriate behaviour in the house.

Megan tries to clear the air with Tiffany, saying “Tiff, I’m not rowing with you, but I need to talk to you because I can’t have this. Last night, honest to God. I was just explaining a story and I think you must have heard it the wrong way. I swear on my mum’s life, I weren’t starting on you.” Gemma chips in, “Megan you did nothing wrong last night.” Tiffany is fine with Megan and tells her, “I didn’t think you had no beef with me.”

© Channel 5
© Channel 5

John is talking to Stephanie about the argument last night, telling her “it was nothing to do with me. I got stuck in the middle.” Megan overhears and comments to Stephanie, “shock, Mr Nice Guy. I was stuck in the middle of it all, no you wasn’t you were bitching. I’m sick of it but whatever; I’m not going to get involved. I’ve said how I feel, so that’s it.”

John is in the Diary Room and says to Big Brother, “I’m just trying to keep a low profile today, I’m just trying to stay out of everybody’s way and I’m really trying not to get angry. I can’t quite believe some of the things that go on in here and the way people manipulate and are just not truthful. It’s difficult to know who to trust. Who in their right mind would want to live in this?”

For today’s task, housemates will perform in a lip sync battle. The judges are Kristina, Scotty T, Danniella and David.

First up are Christopher and John performing Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s Call My Name. Scotty T tells them, “I could watch that all day” and Kristina says “boys, you made Cheryl proud.” John is declared the winner of the battle.

Jeremy and Stephanie battle it out over Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers. David tells Stephanie, “your dance moves were absolutely fantastic, you really nailed it” before hailing her the winner.

© Channel 5
© Channel 5

Next Darren takes on Tiffany, lip syncing to Rita Ora’s Hot Right Now. Kristina says “that booty shake Tiffany, I’m so jealous” and Scotty T adds “Tiffany that ass girl! You need to get that out a bit more. That is amazing.” Darren wins.

Nancy then takes on Angie with a rendition of Adele’s Hello. Danniella tells Nancy “you were sexy” and then Scotty T follows up with “I nearly passed out there. If you can do that without champagne, then God knows what you’re like when you’ve got champagne.” Nancy is named the winner.

Last up, with Craig David’s Rewind, is Gemma against Megan. Kristina tells Megan “you look hot as hell” and Scotty T says “Megan keep flashing that bum.” Gemma is the winner.

Some of the housemates are in the garden discussing tonight’s lip sync task. Angie says “we needed some fun,” butGemma thinks that John pulled a face when Megan and her took to the stage and mentioned Essex. Gemma asks “is that being catty or what?” but Scotty T says, “let’s not spoil a good afternoon.” David adds “come on, tonight let’s not go there.” Gemma would “rather voice it than keep it in.”

Darren and Gemma are in the kitchen discussing John.

David, John and Danniella have gone to bed. David asks John, “you’re finding this whole thing fascinating?” Johnreplies, “I’m actually really all good now. We can all have fun; I haven’t really started to have my fun yet.” Danniellasays, “I know exactly what you mean.”

Megan joins Gemma and Darren in the kitchen, still discussing John. Gemma tells Megan, “you hit the nail on the head with him” and “he’s very controlling.”

These scenes air during the Celebrity Big Brother live eviction show tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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