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Sherrie Hewson: “I was violated many times”

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Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson has opened up about a dark period in her past in an emotional Loose Women appearance yesterday.

Explaining about her upsetting past relationship, Sherrie broke down and claimed she was ‘violated’ before she formed a relationship with Ken Boyd.

She said: “I was in this really aggressive relationship and I was so frightened. For some reason, I married this man. It’s ridiculous and I’m ashamed when I look now, but I did marry him.”

“In this so-called marriage, I was violated many times. And I didn’t have the power to do anything and had nobody to turn to.

“The police were called but when they turned up, they simply said, ‘They’re married’. Then they walked away and left me,” Hewson went on to say.

“When that happened, I just ran. I ran out into the road and over to a car. I remember banging on this car window, getting in and telling the woman driving, ‘Put your foot down’.”

Sherrie has starred in many TV shows including Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother where she made it to the final and finished in sixth place.

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