Hollyoaks: Mrs St Claire’s transgender secret is exposed next week

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First ever Hollyoaks transgender character Mrs St Claire will be the talk of the school next week when Peri exposes her secret to all the students.

Peri’s malicious ways will force Mrs St Claire to resign from her role as headmaster at Hollyoaks High after the word ‘tranny’ is painted over the schools art display.

© Lime Pictures
© Lime Pictures

Wallace said: “I’ve had nasty comments in my time, but I don’t really care about them at all – it is all water off a duck’s back to me now. But Mrs St Claire’s experience at her last school ended badly, which is often the case with transgender teachers.”

“Although she expected a bad reaction from the kids if they ever found out she was transgender, the response from the parents was just as bad! She doesn’t want to go through all that heartache again.

“It’s her worst nightmare. She is absolutely horrified and fears history is going to repeat itself. This means she may have to leave, find a new school and start from scratch again!

“Mrs St Claire may have arrived as a bit of a hard act, but this week you see the soft centre behind the hard shell. This is a real dent to her self-esteem and she truly believes she is about to lose everything dearest to her.”

These scenes air all next week on Hollyoaks on Channel 4 and E4.

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