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Emmet gets into Robbie’s good books by helping him shift some mysterious stock, while Bob begins to set his sights on Jackie.  Dean is unsettled by the news that Louise may be leaving for good. Has Heather gone too far this time?

Dean finds himself in hot water with Louise and Hayley, while Bob pushes his friendship with Jackie too far. Heather uses Ellie to get closer to Shane, and Emmet causes tension at The Station.


Bob and Jackie’s attempts to remain professional after their kiss falls flat, while Heather realises that the way to Shane’s heart is through Ama. Caoimhe is proven right about Emmet when Robbie realises Emmet may have ripped him off. And can Louise bring herself to break Dean’s heart again?

Can Bob and Jackie overcome their antipathy and act on their feelings for each other?  Heather is fearful that Ellie’s test results may expose her, while Robbie teams up with Caoimhe to teach Emmet a lesson he won’t forget. Louise practises tough love on Dean in a shocking way.

Fair City airs these scenes all this week (January 10th – 14th) on RTÉ ONE.

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