EastEnders: The Square prepares to say goodbye to Charlie Slater!

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It will be a sad day in Walford when Charlie Slater is laid to rest following his death from a heart attack. As we have seen in previous episodes, Kat found out that she had a secret son and that Mo and Charlie already knew about it and didn’t tell her.

This resulted in a confrontation between Kat, Mo and her dad which lead to devastating consequences when Charlie suffered a heart attack and tragically died not long after.


Everyone gathers in the street including Alfie, Martin, Kat, Mo and Stacey on the day of Charlie’s funeral and emotions are high when the funeral car arrives in the square. Kat, Mo, Alfie, Stacey, Martin and the whole square look on as they gather their thoughts and emotions on the way to the church.


Kat is worse for wear as her relationship with her dad ended on bad terms before he died, with the news of her secret son hovering over her, what is she going to do?

Where will this leave her with Mo? Can she forgive her family for keeping this secret from her?

EastEnders airs these scenes on January 19th on BBC One.

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