Coronation Street spoiler: Is Callum’s murder cover up about to be exposed by Gail?

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Callum’s murder cover up could be exposed next week when an oblivious Gail Platt decides to invest in underfloor heating.

As we know, Kylie murdered Callum last autumn which sparked a horrible cover up that saw her and husband David bury his body under the annexe.

The couple have tried to move on and pretend that they know nothing about Callum’s whereabouts, but they will be thrown into panic when Gail decides to take some action after complaining that the annexe is always cold.


After Gail asks Jason Grimshaw to give her a quote for the job, David and Kylie are left horrified that there secret maybe exposed as they find that they have rolled the carpet back.

David has no choice but to think quickly and he pushes Gail out of the way and puts the carpet back. But can he hide what lies beneath?

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Wednesday 20th January on ITV.

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