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Chloe Wilburn’s column: ”Gemma Collins hasn’t shown us a glimpse of ‘The GC’ so far”

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Oh this is fun!  My first ever column for Reality Spy, I’m so excited and over the moon to have been asked!

Unfortunately, I did some serious damage to my finger yesterday when I trapped it in a door and not only did I pull the nail off, it also pulled the root out (yuk!!!). So I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet for today as I’m having a nightmare typing!

Now, after watching launch night a week ago, I thought get in, this is going to be the most explosive Celeb BB in a long time! Gemma Collins, Megan McKenna and Tiffany Pollard are all going to have their claws out for the alpha female spot and I couldn’t call who would get the ‘top dog’ crown, but I was ready for the fireworks!

As a reality TV junky, Gemma, Scotty T and Megan were my favourites without even watching their VT’s – just because I felt like I already knew their personality traits and what they could bring to the house. I was very surprised at how much I liked David Guest and Daniella Westbrook – David had me and my mum in stitches with his bulging eyes and funny stares and we thought Daniella just seemed like one of the girls you know from the pub – the kind you can have a good laugh with but never want to cross!

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So to say we are a week in I’m slightly disappointed! The ones I expected to be wild and out there have actually been pretty quiet!  All the alter egos seem to have, so far, been kept at bay – Gemma Collins hasn’t shown us a glimpse of ‘The GC’ so far. Tiffany Pollard hasn’t flipped and shown the UK why they call her ‘New York’ and Jeremy McConnell has completely shocked me by NOT being a complete clone of his pal Marc O’Neill from my series!

Speaking of Marc – and this might surprise you, but being a lifelong Big Brother fan, Marc is the kind of housemate I like to watch! Perez Hilton was unfortunately one of my favourite Big Brother contestants of all time and although it’s a complete contrast to who I am and the person I was in the house, from the outside looking in, these are the people that make the show worth watching sometimes (although from experience I can promise you, watching them and living with them is a whole different ball game!).

Like with Winston – what a plank! I couldn’t find him more of a dimwit if I tried, but as wrong as it was, the moment when he was sleazing over Tiffany and Nancy asking for cuddles has been one of the highlights of the week for me! I was watching with my jaw on the floor, cringing for him and his poor family but my God I didn’t half laugh my head off! And although his views were disturbed and so wrong, I think Winston could of caused some great car crash TV for us all!

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I can’t figure Nancy out, probably because I can’t understand a word she is saying! She’s going to have to grow on me but I certainly haven’t taken an instant shine to her! I get the impression she thinks she’s above some of the other housemates and is a bit too big for her boots – but I’m going to give her chance and see if I can form a proper opinion on her whether it’ll be love or loath!

Stephanie, who is the ex-girlfriend of Cristian MJC from my series, was someone I knew very little about! I’ve never watched Hollyoaks and I loved her on night one, it was purely based on her VT, entrance and northern accent – but oh how I have changed my mind. My heart breaks for her boyfriend, model Sam Reece, as we are all watching her falling in love with Jeremy in front of our eyes.

I do generally believe she’s falling for him! Some could argue that it’s hard in the house and it’s just misplaced feelings as she misses her boyfriend but it’s been a week for God sake! Are you telling me every time she goes to Benidorm with the girls for a week she’s in bed with a bloke she met in the Red Lion?! Nah mate, Sam needs to do the legs and let Jeremy have her! She’s really gone down in my estimations.

At this moment in time, my winner is the very funny and thoughtful David Guest!

I’m on holiday in New York next week (whoop!!) so I’ll write another column for you next Monday!

Lots of love

Chloe Wilburn X

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