Coronation Street: Carla Connor is quitting Corrie for good!

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Alison King who plays Carla Connor has dropped a soap style bombshell; she is leaving the cobbles for good.

The actress was thought to be taking a break from the soap later this year but she has now shocked fans by revealing that she has no plans to return.

Alison told Metro “It’s not actually a break, I am actually leaving. Because they are leaving the door open, I think people originally called it a break and people are asking. “When are you coming back?” And I’m like I’m not.”

“I’m looking forward to going back to doing different things and being versatile. I was meant to give myself four years at the most and I’ve done an amazing ten years, but it’s knackering. I need to creatively be another few people now and see my daughter a bit more,” the star concluded.

Corrie bosses have already planned Carla’s departure as her recent passionate embrace with Robert will have devastating repercussions in the weeks to come.

This storyline is bound to continue Carla’s feud with Tracey Barlow who recently split with Robert but hopes to reconcile with him.

Alison King explained: “The start of the beginning of the end is the rekindling of the Tracy feud. It isn’t just that there are a lot more elements. It’s safe to stay that sleeping with Robert is the beginning of the end.”

Alison has played Carla Connor in the soap since 2006 and during that time she has been cast in some of the soaps biggest storylines and it will be seen as a huge loss to the Cobbles.

But for now there will be 5 months of intense drama before she bids farewell to Weatherfield.

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