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Stephanie, Jeremy and Scotty T deliver killer noms to three housemates

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Stephanie, Jeremy and Scotty T were branded the ‘most annoying’ in yesterday task that involved all the housemates picking the most annoying housemates.

Following this, they successfully unlocked the rest of the house and freed the fellow housemates from Big Brother’s ‘Box’.

However, following this, Big Brother told them that they were now in charge of nominations this week and asked them to deliver three killer nominations.

”Congratulations! Today you liberated the Big Brother house. It’s been unboxed. Not only that, you’ve liberated Danniella, Darren and John from their box. You must be pretty happy,” Big Brother said.

He continued: ”Just imagine how happy they’ll be when they find out that because you completed the task, they won’t have to nominate this week.”

The trio nominated Nancy, Winston & Kristina meaning they’ll now face the public vote.

Nancy was nominated by Jeremy for the following reason: ”I find she can be a bit controlling when we’re having a laugh. A bit intimidating.”

Winston was nominated by Scotty T: ”Every time I cook he can’t wait for everyone else to have his food, he’s always ‘gimme it, gimme it’!”

Stephanie nominated Kristina, ”Because me and Jezza are next to each other and laughing all night, and we kept her up. She was angry at both of us as we kept her up.”

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