Red Rock: Murderer Davey pays McKay’s widow Claire a visit

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Claire (played by Pandora McCormick) is caught unawares in tomorrow night’s episode of Red Rock as Davey Webb (played by Darren Cahill) resurfaces at her house. A distraught Claire is still grieving but she’s relieved to see that the intruder in her house is Davey and that he is okay. She has no idea that she is standing face-to-face with her husband’s killer.

Whatever Davey’s motives for showing up at Claire’s are, the net is closing fast and the hunt is now on to track him down after new CCTV evidence comes to light showing him defacing Superintendent McKay’s grave.

Meanwhile, all the criminals of Red Rock appear to have gone to ground. Nikki’s convinced that the recent murder has to have been at the hands of Beady Burke but with no sign of Beady or his associates that trail is well and truly going cold.

The Kielys decide to mark the year anniversary of Darren’s passing with a visit to the baths where he was fatally injured. They arrive, wreath in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other, only to find the gates locked. The Kielys are here to pay their respects to Darren and won’t be letting a little thing like trespassing on private property get in their way.

Red Rock airs these scenes on Wednesday at 8:30pm on TV3 Ireland.

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