Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Ofcom receive complaints about Winston McKenzie in last nights CBB launch

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London Mayoral candidate Winston McKenzie has already caused a stir among the Celebrity Big Brother viewers after his entrance profile VT in last nights show.

In his profile VT, the London Mayoral candidate made a homophobic comment. He stated: “I’d cope with a homosexual in the house. I guess I’ll just have to stand with my back against a brick wall all the time.”

Ofcom have revealed that they have received 165 complaints from viewers so far after his VT aired on the Channel 5 show last night.

Rylan was slightly taken aback by the comments and said the following on ITV’s This Morning today: ”With the profile VTs, I get that you want to be a little controversial, but to say something like that, if you look at homophobia, it’s on the same level as racism.”

“If someone said something like that about a black person or a white person, there would have been an uproar,” he concluded.

Channel 5 have declined to comment on the remarks in his VT and about the 165 complaints Ofcom have received.

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