Casualty Spoiler: Dixie’s life will be put in danger during explosive episode!

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A fire will break out in when tensions between Dixie, Nikki and Jess reach breaking point.

Casualty will air some very explosive scenes this weekend when paramedic Dixie puts herself in danger in a bid to save fellow paramedic Jess’s life.

Dixie is worried that Nikki (Jess’s partner) has been harming her for some time, but she was forced to ignore her suspicions during the pair’s last visit to ED.

Upcoming scenes will see Jess brought back into hospital after a serious row with Nikki which results in her being pushed into a glass cabinet – ouch!

Whilst Jess is being treated in the hospital it becomes apparent that Nikki is also abusing Jess’s young daughter Olivia, leaving Dixie to intervene.

Jess is adamant to get away from Nikki for good, but matters are made worse when her and Olivia return to the house with Dixie.

An argument breaks out and the situation soon escalates into much more when a fire breaks out and it’s left to Dixie to save the day.


Is anyone going to leave unarmed?

Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday 9th January on BBC One.

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