Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Celebrity Big Brother reveal launch night twist!

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It wouldn’t be Big Brother without a launch night twist now would it? Tonight was no exception and this twist involved a box. Yes, a box.

During the middle of the launch show, Big Brother gathered the housemates at the table where he asked the person that was most decisive to stand up – after a small bit of discussion, John stood up.

He was then faced with the task of sending two of his fellow housemates to ‘The Box’. Being a gentleman, John chose himself and then Darren Day – because Darren volunteered to take one for the team.

They were both then told to crawl into ‘The Box’ and the rest of the housemates were gathered in the garden. With the housemates watching, John and Darren had to pick three suitcases to lock away from their fellow housemates.

The duo picked Christopher’s, Winston’s and Daniella’s suitcases to lock away, but surprisingly they took it on the chin.

As more housemates strolled in, Big Brother gathered the housemates again at the table where John and Darren appeared on the screen above them. The duo once again had a decision to make as they were given the choice to unlock the kitchen for the rest of their housemates or take food for themselves.

John took over the decision making and chose to let the kitchen be unlocked to his fellow housemates meaning him and Darren will live on rations.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night on Channel 5.

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