Red Rock: Murderer Davey defaces McKay’s grave this week

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In this Wednesday’s episode of Red Rock, murderer Davey Webb (played by Darren Cahill) finally shows up, at Superintendent James McKay’s graveside. In a fit of anger he furiously kicks the flowers that have been laid out. Maybe he’s sorry for what he did, but it’s too late now. The Gardaí are closing in and now it looks like they have their man with a motive as his aggressive outburst at the graveyard is caught on CCTV that the Gardaí have put in place to monitor who comes and goes.

© TV3
© TV3

DI Lonergan has been drafted in to help track down McKay’s murderer and it seems his tactics are already beginning to pay off. However, his no nonsense attitude can’t help but rub Detective Nikki up the wrong way. Nikki’s been working day and night – this is her town, her investigation and Lonergan’s picking holes in it.

Lonergan isn’t the only one stepping on toes. Sean and Rory have always had a friendly rivalry but Rory’s recent spate of unwelcome comments have been hitting a nerve. With tensions already at an all-time high could the pair finally come to blows?

Back in the Brennan household, a worse-for-wear Paudge is wracked with guilt over the death of McKay. DI Lonergan wants to speak to him but McKay is on edge. It’s clear he doesn’t know which is worse – the threat of his colleagues finding out he was playing ball with Beady or the threat of Beady wanting to silence him.

Meanwhile, an utterly devastated Claire is sick at the sight of McKay’s uniform, blaming the force for the position her husband was put in which led to his untimely death. She’s on auto pilot but she’s determined to see James’s killer caught. Despite her brave face, mum Patricia is struggling to cope with the absence of her son. Michael has started his prison sentence and she can’t help but fear for his safety on the inside. All she’s been left to look forward to is her weekly visits.

These scenes air on Wednesday at 8:30pm on TV3 Ireland.

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