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Neighbours spoiler: Paul Robinson’s new enemy will be played by his real life wife

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Neighbours star Stefan Dennis is getting an unlikely new on screen enemy that’ll be played by his real life wife Gail Easdale.

Gail has filmed a guest role on the long running Australian soap taking the role as Lassiters new owner Julie Quill.

Julie’s new managerial position will make her Paul’s bitter nemesis but in real life she has been happily married to Dennis for two decades.

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Gail was born in Glasgow and met Dennis when performing in a play in 1991. They now have three children together and Eastdale’s role marks her return to acting.

Gail explains, “The children are older now and a little bit more independent. So when the opportunity came up it felt right.”

She also said: “I had actually auditioned for another role last year which I didn’t get, so this sort of came out of the blue. Even Stefan didn’t know which made it more exciting.”

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Neighbours will air Julie’s scenes on Tuesday 12th January.

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