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Neighbours: Lyn Scully’s return storyline revealed

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Lyn Scully’s return to Neighbours will be to help her troubled daughter Steph reconnect with her estranged son Charlie Hoyland.

In upcoming scenes, Steph will want to reconnect with her son Charlie who is currently overseas with his dad in Fiji. We’ve been told that we’ll have to wait and see if Lyn is responsible for the mother and son being reunited.

Speaking about her return to the Australian soap, Andrewartha said: It’s always lovely catching up with older cast as we have shared so many story lines.

“However, it is also lovely to work with the new cast as well, including my new grandson and of course reconnecting with my daughter Carla [Bonner]. She still calls me ‘Mamma’.”

Neighbours fans can catch Lyn’s return to Ramsay Street on February 1st 2016 on Channel 5 in the UK – the same episode as Australia.

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