The X Factor: Caroline Flack hints that she may be quitting!

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Caroline Flack hints that she may not be returning to present The X Factor next year. Caroline presented the show for the first time in 2015 alongside Olly Murs. Having described it as being one of the best experiences, she has revealed that she may say no to a new contract if she is asked even though she has got Simon Cowell’s backing.

She said: “I haven’t decided about doing it again, yet everyone knows that you don’t talk about The X Factor until later in the year.” Caroline explained further, “But I do want to do new things and I like working.”

“I have always wanted to do something a bit more musical- I auditioned for Chicago which I got but the timings didn’t work. I have always wanted to do a documentary about being a twin, something more factual.”

But presenting a show like The X Factor can be pressurising and that could be one of the factors that influences Caroline’s decision.

She explained: “You can think that social media is real life but you have to remember it’s not. Someone wouldn’t come up to you in the street and call you names, yet they find it easy to call you names on social media.”

She went on to confess: “I cried after the first live Sunday night. The reaction was quite overwhelming because I didn’t think people would be talking about how I look, what I was wearing, how I was standing, how I talk and how I laugh.”

“But I have been in this industry for 12 years and you get used to the criticism. I know how the game works. Not everyone is going to like you all of the time, not everyone is going to think your beautiful, but there is a difference between opinions and abuse. Opinions are fine but I need to stop giving people air time because they love it.”

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