The Voice UK: Previous Winner Stevie McCrorie thinks he can break the shows ‘curse’!

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The Voice 2015 winner Stevie McCrorie reckons he has the potential to break the shows ‘curse’.

As we have seen in previous years The Voice UK has failed to launch any successful winner with previous winners failing to break into the charts.

It was Stevie who won The Voice last year and he has been the most successful winner to date when his winners single a cover of ‘Lost Stars’ going into the top 10 which beat X Factor’s  Louisa Johnson’s winners single.

Steve’s new album is due out and the pressure is on for it to be a success.

Stevie commented regarding his album, he said: “I don’t have much to compare myself with, as no one from The Voice has had that success story. I was the first to release a single, I have wrote my own album so I feel it should do well.”

Stevie spoke to the Daily Star newspaper and he suggested that even if his record didn’t go straight to the top of the charts it wouldn’t mean the end.

He said: “I don’t see myself taking off like One Direction. I want to build my fan base and to me that’s a success not being a millionaire.

“I want more than a few number 1 albums, I want to get like 30 albums out before I call it a day. I never want to stop, I want to keep going.”

Stevie’s debut album Big World is released on Friday 8th January just ahead of the fifth series premiere of The Voice UK on Saturday.

Chatting about the new run, Stevie said: “I probably will watch it, but I am hoping that I’ll be too busy to watch it”.

The Voice UK starts next Saturday on BBC One.

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