McKay’s killer is revealed in chilling Red Rock scenes

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In tonight’s episode of Red Rock, viewers finally get to see who stabbed Superintendent James McKay.

While everyone at the station is busy mourning the loss of their leader, a massive man hunt is underway for the killer, who, it’s revealed in chilling scenes, is young Davey Webb. The very youngster that McKay was trying to protect stabbed him in cold blood outside the Garda station.

© TV3
© TV3

With all eyes on Beady for the brutal slaying, will Davey even be on the Gardaí’s radar?

Davey has quickly and carefully covered his tracks, the weapon has been dumped and the clothes he wore have been destroyed. Fortunately the horrific incident has been caught on CCTV and there’s a witness, will this be enough for Detective Nikki and Detective Rory to piece together who did it, and why?

Red Rock airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm on TV3 Ireland.

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