Red Rock: McKay stabbed to death outside police station

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Superintendent James McKay becomes the first major character to meet his maker in Red Rock.

In dramatic and heart wrenching scenes, Superintendent James McKay is stabbed to death as he exits his car, intent on finally, but reluctantly, exposing Paudge for his part in feeding Beady Burke confidential Garda intelligence.

As McKay approaches the Garda station a hooded figure appears and stabs him in the stomach. Despite the trouble he finds himself in with the Super, Paudge runs to McKay’s defence but he too is stabbed in the process and left fighting for his life.

© TV3
© TV3

As Paudge manages to stumble towards the station for help, it soon becomes apparent that McKay is fighting for his life on the opposite side of the road. In what must be one of the most emotional scenes filmed to date, we witness McKay slip away in the arms of his wife Claire.

With McKay gone, will the truth about Paudge be buried with him, or will the guilt drive Paudge to confess everything to Detectives Nikki Grogan and Rory Walsh?

Red Rock airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30pm on TV

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