Emmerdale: Cain tries to reunite Zak and Lisa in tonight’s show

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Soap fans saw Lisa left distraught on Christmas Day when her daughter Belle revealed that Zak had been cheating on her with their friend Joanie Wright.

Lisa was prepared to forgive Zak if it was just a kiss, but he ultimately chose Joanie (Denise Black) over her and decided to leave their family home.

After finding out that his dad has walked out on Lisa after years of marriage, Cain will see red as he’ll try desperately to get the pair back together.

In tonight’s episode, Zak and Joanie will try and make a go at things, but Cain is determined to throw their plans out the window.

Cain will try talking to his father to get him to see sense but to no avail. He then changes his tactics completely by going straight to his dads new lover, Joanie and threatens her to end things with Zak.

With Joanie refusing to be bullied by Cain, will he have to up his antics in order to get the upper hand on things?

Tune into Emmerdale tonight (28th December) at 7pm on ITV.

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