Fair City: What’s to come this week (29th – 31st December)

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Emmet is caught in the act by Katy. The O’Briens worry as Emmet’s behaviour spirals further out of control. Dan is floored when Sally makes a shocking announcement. Heather continues to use Ellie to manipulate her family. Relations between Neasa and Tommy worsen as Tommy struggles to accept his daughter’s lifestyle.

Katy discovers Emmet’s reckless actions and takes drastic measures. Can their relationship survive the fallout?  Robbie helps Dan come to a life-changing decision, while Carol inadvertently causes Sally to get cold feet. Heather coerces Ellie into believing she’s unwell.  Neasa makes an impulsive decision, worrying Caoimhe.


Heather insists Eleanor is too weak to ring in the New Year, and may go to drastic lengths to prove it. Eoghan and Emmet remain on collision course. Neasa is surprised she finds it tough to leave, while Robbie suggests Dan do something to fix things with Sally before it’s too late.

Fair City airs these scenes from Tuesday 29th December at 8pm on RTÉ ONE.

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