EastEnders: Twitter reacts to the popular character ‘Fatboy’ being killed off

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We’re not going to lie, we’re pretty p*ssed off too at Reality Spy HQ for the BBC killing off Fatboy.

The character  has been on the BBC soap for six years but last night was the last time fans would ever see the him alive.

Fatboy died in horrific circumstances after Ronnie Mitchell’s revenge on enemy Vincent went horribly wrong. Ronnie planned a kidnapping for Vincent – She organised men to kidnap him, lock him in the boot of a car and then send it to a nearby scrapyard to have it crushed.

The men she paid to make sure the plan was carried out kidnapped Fatboy instead of Vincent after she failed to give them specific enough information about the victim she wanted dead.

When Vincent showed up at The Vic, Ronnie had realised that the wrong person had been caught up in her evil plans. As she hastily ran to free the unsuspecting victim from the boot of the car she soon realised that it was too late as the car had already been taken away.

Vincent rushed to the scrapyard in a bid to save the person from being crushed to death, but it was too late. As he opened the boot of the car, he discovered Fatboy’s body laying inside.

Vincent chose to protect Ronnie from the inevitable guilt over her actions by lying that she’d merely destroyed an empty car and there were no casualties.

Continuing the cover-up, Vincent also lied to Fatboy’s good friend and housemate Dot Branning by pretending that he’d landed a new job abroad and was unlikely to return.

Fans of the much loved character took to Twitter to voice their anger and upset after bosses decided to write Fatboy out of the soap.

EastEnders continues on Monday night at 8pm on BBC One.

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