Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Has Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban confirmed rumours?

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It’s been in the media for weeks now, other names have been thrown  into the mix, but this rumour is the best one to date.

It’s speculated that Channel 5 and Celebrity Big Brother bosses have offered Kim’s best friend Jonathan six figures to make an appearance in the seventeenth series of the show.

If these rumours are true, it’ll make Jonathan one of the most payed housemates in the history of Celebrity Big Brother.

Adding fuel to the rumours, Jonathan posted a picture on his Instagram account that showed him sitting in a limo with suitcases saying: ”Here we go…packing light..thanks @AllStateLimo for always putting up with all my last minute demands lol”.

It is thought that Jonathan sought his best mate Kim’s permission before he signed a huge six-figure deal.

A source previously told The Sun: “Jonathan has a unique insight into the world’s most famous couple. He’ll also make great TV as he’s not afraid to shy away from a row and he’s pretty outspoken.

“Bosses have been hoping to land a member of the Kardashian family’s inner circle for years, and now they’ve finally got one.

“Jonathan has had many offers from other reality TV shows in the past but has always turned them down out of respect for Kim.

“Now she’s given her his blessing and the entire family are going to be backing home the whole way.”

If he is going to be heading for Elstree, someone should really tell him that host Emma Willis isn’t going to let him up those stairs with all those bags!

Celebrity Big Brother returns on Tuesday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 5.

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