EastEnders release trailer for New Year’s Day

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If you were expecting a peaceful and calm New Year’s Day in Walford, then you haven’t really watched EastEnders at all.

As we reported earlier, Dean will gatecrash Mick and Linda’s wedding as he’s furious that his family have distanced themselves from him in recent months.

When Shirley spots her son lurking around the wedding venue, she confronts him. Dean is resentful towards his mother after she tries to drown him in the bath when she discovers he tried to rape is girlfriend, Rocky Mitchell.

Dean will viciously push his mother into the nearby lake at the wedding that’ll be seen by his brother – Mick, who also hears Shirley’s screams for help.

Mick will jump into the freezing cold lake on his wedding day to save Shirley meaning all three of them are in the lake. Will everyone make it out alive?

Watch the trailer for these scenes that air on New Year’s Day on BBC One below:

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