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Downton Abbey finale will go head to head with EastEnders in Christmas Day showdown

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It’s Christmas Day and the last ever episode of Dowtnon Abbey is being aired tonight on ITV, yay! However, there’s one slight problem…

The Christmas special of Downton Abbey is being aired on ITV – the same time that BBC One will air tonight’s hour-long episode of EastEnders.

Although fans of both shows will probably be able to record one or even both at the same time, it still leaves the small proportion of viewers without the ability to record in the lurch.


EastEnders or Downton Abbey? EastEnders’ bosses have teased fans that a well liked character will be killed-off in tonight’s special. Meanwhile, ITV have said that tonight’s last ever episode of Downton Abbey will be the ‘best episode ever’.

Last year, EastEnders managed to pull in an audience of 8.6 million where as Downton Abbey managed 7.7 million viewers.

Unlike overnight audience ratings, consolidated figures take catch-up services into account. An hour-long episode of EastEnders will be screened on BBC One this evening at 8.45pm.

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