Hollyoaks SPOILER! See who dies in tonight’s C4 episode!

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If you haven’t seen last nights first-look episode of Hollyoaks on E4 and are watching the show tonight, then you shouldn’t really read this article. Just saying.

Ziggy Roscoe has been dealt the death card in tonight’s Hollyoaks as his character has been killed-off following his heroic efforts to save Leela Lomax from a gas explosion at her flat.

As Ziggy and Leela ran from the house that was smothered with gas – Ziggy banged his head against the pavement. As he seemed alright following it, the serve damage to the brain started to kick in and the overly tanned character lost his life.

©  Lime Pictures
© Lime Pictures

In a chat with our friends at Digital Spy, Fabrizio Santino was asked about how he felt being killed-off from the soap: ”When they leave the door open, it’s fantastic as it gives you a safety net. But I think this is a powerful ending for Ziggy. It’s a graceful death, rather than a quick and easy one.

“I think I come out as the hero, too. That’s exactly how I’d like to be seen, because Ziggy was never a malicious guy or a nasty person. He never really did anything bad, apart from cheat on all his girlfriends! When I heard that he’d have this graceful death, I accepted it and decided to make the most of it.”

This scenes will be aired for the first time on Channel 4 tonight at 6pm

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