Emmerdale: Adam Barton “goes off the rails” after the truth about Johnny’s father is revealed

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Emmerdale‘s Adam Barton is left devastated in the New Year as he finally discovers that he’s not the father of baby Johnny.

Johnny’s mum will secretly order a DNA test while suspecting the child’s true paternity. She swabs the baby’s bottle and sends the kit off to be tested.

When the results come back – days later, she is stunned that the test has ruled Adam out as the dad – meaning that the father must actually be Kirin Kotecha.

Doing the right thing, Vanessa will tell Adam that he’s not the father – although he doesn’t take the news lightly. Adams extremely upset after hearing the shocking news, will he do something stupid?

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Adam Thomas, who plays him, teased: “Adam is not going to be happy. He’s been there for Johnny through the whole thing, as far back as when Johnny was fighting for his life in hospital.

“When Adam finds out, he could do something very, very, very silly. Adam doesn’t tend to think about things, he just reacts. I think he’s more hurt than anything but at first he refuses to take it on board, because he’s in denial a little bit.

“In Adam’s eyes, Johnny is his son. I don’t know how anyone could deal with having that taken away from them. I’ve got a son of my own and I can’t imagine anyone turning around to me and saying: ‘He’s not yours’. It’s going to be a massive thing for Adam.”

Revealing more about what’s ahead, Thomas continued: “Adam goes off the rails a little bit – as you do in soap! I’d like to think that Adam will still want to be part of Johnny’s life, because he does love him. I don’t think that will ever change, but obviously he’s got to give some way for Kirin because he is the dad and it’s going to be hard for him too.

“I’d like to see what happens between Kirin and Adam and if it comes to blows between them. That’d be interesting.”

You can see these scenes on Thursday, January 7 at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.

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