Missed tonight’s dramatic Hollyoaks? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Tonight’s Hollyoaks was slightly more dramatic as normal with Leela Lomax having a lucky escape after Ziggy Roscoe inevitably saved her from her death.

As Peri left the house to head out, Cameron decided to take prime opportunity to ‘payback’ Leela after she took his daughter away from him. Cameron followed Ziggy – who was dropping off a Christmas decoration that Peri had asked for and waited for Ziggy to leave.

With Peri now out of the house, Cameron locked all the doors and hid the keys before turning on the gas. A vulnerable Leela was now unaware that gas was spreading through the house as she slept.

Ziggy turned up just in time. Realising that Leela wouldn’t answer the door, Ziggy looks in the window and tries to wake her by banging the glass.

As Leela wakes up, she smells gas and starts to panic – Ziggy (being the hero that he is!) kicks down the door and the pair run from the house. As they run, the house explodes knocking the pair to the ground. Although they seem alright, will tonight’s explosion have series repercussions for one of them?

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow night at 6pm for the hour-long Christmas special on Channel 4.

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