Bones: The 11th series to air on Sky this January

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The crime-solving power couple are returning to our screens as Bones returns to Sky Living this January. The first of twenty two episodes in this series will air on January 18th at 9pm.

The first episode is billed as ‘Bones – The Loyalty in the Lie’. It’s a two part episode and the second half will continue the following week.

Six months after last season’s finale, when it seemed that Booth and Brennan had walked away from their grisly lives at the Jeffersonian once and for all, things seem to be going well for the former forensic specialist and her FBI beau, as they enjoy their new, murder-free life with their daughter and new baby. Unfortunately, their happiness proves short lived when both become trapped in a deeply personal murder investigation.

Brennan’s worst fears are realised when Booth’s sudden disappearance coincides with the discovery of a burned-out van filled with unidentifiable bodies, with evidence linking him to the scene.

Brennan refuses to believe Booth is among the bodies in the van, and finds herself back working at the Jeffersonian until he is found. With compelling evidence appearing to point to Booth’s demise, can Brennan find her man and get back the carefree life they thought they had finally achieved?

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