One Direction surprise two sisters on the Surprise Surprise Christmas special

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Surprise Surprise bosses have booked One Direction for the Christmas special show this year before the boyband take their well deserved break.

The show – which airs Boxing Day at 7pm will see Mark Wright take sisters Kate and Rachel to a horse drawn carriage where they will be brought to meet One Direction.

11-year-old Rachel and 15-year-old Kate were nominated by their mum because of their bravery and support for each other.

Rachel became very ill when shes was just 8 years old and suffered complete heart failure and ending up on a life support machine.

Her sister, Kate, stood by Rachel throughout the difficult time and during her long recovery. Eventually a suitable heart became available and as Kate continued to support Rachel, she exceeded all recovery expectations.

Years on from the ordeal, the sisters now doing everything together and hold fundraisers to raise money and awareness of organ donation.

Surprise Surprise Christmas Special airs on Boxing Day at 7pm on ITV. Watch the teaser clip below:

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