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The Apprentice: The final had the lowest ratings in over 10 years!

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The Apprentice final dropped in viewers ratings as it dropped almost 1 million viewers on last years show.

An average audience of 5.3 million viewers tuned into last nights final as Lord Sugar revealed which two of the finals he would be investing his cash in. In recent years, it has been a tradition for the final to be 2 hours long with the spin off special ‘You’re Hired’ in the second half.

The numbers are down on last year’s 6.2 million. Last nights The Apprentice Final was the least viewed since the very first series back in 2005 which aired on BBC Two.

But the ratings could have been affected by the time schedule of the show as the BBC show started 15 minutes later than originally planned. This problem caused further issues later on in the night when the result from the pre-recorded show was spoiled online as a result of the delay.

Even though the overnight ratings are down, The Apprentice has become the biggest catch up show on air at the moment having added up to 1.8 million extra viewers throughout the week.

The Apprentice will be back on BBC One for its twelfth series next year.

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