Red Rock: This weeks episodes in pictures!

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This month you will not want to miss any episodes of Red Rock. Killer December is now underway, but who will die?

This Wednesdays episode will see Katie and David sit down for a heart to heart at The Neptune while Paudge’s lies have landed Beady with a broken hand courtesy of crime boss McDaid. Beady is furious and demands he provide Marie Traynor’s address.

The moment has arrived and Katie (played by India Mullen) is about to give birth to her new baby at the hospital. She safely gives birth to a baby boy at St. Helen’s Hospital. Meanwhile, Vincent comes face to face with Michael Hennessy the man who killed his son. His gun is unwavering, this is for Darren. Michael pleads with Vincent to put it down.

Red Rock airs on TV3 Ireland this Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm.

Browse the images of this weeks episodes in our gallery below:

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