Hollyoaks Spoiler! Cameron admits to killing Leela’s parents on PURPOSE

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Tonight’s first look episode of Hollyoaks and Channel 4’s sister channel, E4 seen Cameron Campbell admit to his brother Lockie that he killed Sam and Danny Lomax deliberately.

He managed to fool a large number of viewers that he killed Leela’s parents by mistake throughout the past year by continually claiming his innocence.

Cameron was drunk in tonight’s first look after Leela told him that he was not allowed see Peri. As Cameron reflected on his predicament, he was quick to warn Lockie that he’d go to any lengths to secure the upper hand.

©  Lime Pictures/ Channel 4
© Lime Pictures/ Channel 4

They were driving away, Sam and Danny. They were taking her away from me and I was furious. I was driving so fast and then I saw them just pulling out of the junction in front of me. And I hit the accelerator. That’s what happens when you come between me and my daughter” said dangerous Cameron to his brother.

He also told Lockie that he was going to kill Leela when he finds her: ”Somebody knows where Leela and Peri are. I’m not going to stop until I find them and bring my daughter home. And when I find Leela, I’m going to kill her. Just like I killed Sam and Danny…”

This episode will air on Channel 4 tomorrow at 6:30pm.

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