The Apprentice: Joseph crowned champion

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Tonight, viewers of The Apprentice watched as Joseph Valente, 25, from Peterborough, won this year’s competition and a £250,000 investment in his plumbing business from Lord Alan Sugar.

Valente saw off his fellow finalist, Vana Koutsoumis  and her ‘DatePlay’ app in a tense final.

Joseph’s victory wasn’t without its flaws and problems. His advertising campaign was seen by some prospective customers as “bland” and Lord Sugar considered a day he spent deciding on his brand image as a “waste”. However, he managed to impress the market experts and managed to “get the business cards of six or seven,” leading Lord Sugar to state “you’ve got more cheek than Kim Kardashian.”


Vana’s business venture was an app called ‘DatePlay’, a journey into the world of online dating sites. Despite an intriguing concept and a popular brand technique, Lord Sugar decided that potential problems surrounding the funding of her business was too much of a gamble to take.

In his final speech, before declaring to Joseph that “you’re Hired,” Lord Sugar notably stated: “technology has been my best friend over the last 50 years… maybe its time I made some new friends.”

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