EastEnders Bombshell: Bad boy Phil Mitchell receives a devastating diagnosis

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We have seen Phil Mitchell hit the bottle many times in Albert Square, but his drinking has devastating consequences when it comes back to haunt him.

Phil Mitchell will be diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver in a new big storyline. Show bosses have been working with the EastEnders production team while plotting this storyline which will see Phil Mitchell left devastated by his life threatening diagnosis.

Phil has found his drinking problem difficult to control in recent weeks after villain Gavin Sullivan locked him in a room with a bottle of Scotch.

Viewers will see Phil’s drinking problem spiral out of control in upcoming episodes which will lead up to his diagnosis. This storyline will also focus on how his diagnosis affects his troubled family.

Andrew Langford, Chief Executive of British Liver Trust, commented: “Unfortunately Phil’s alcohol-related health problems are not unique or that unusual. Currently in the UK we have an epidemic of liver disease and still the main cause of death from liver disease is alcohol related.

“It is the third leading cause of premature death in the UK, but is misunderstood and rarely considered in the way of other serious health conditions. So it’s really important that EastEnders have chosen to tackle this serious problem.

“In the UK, the prevalence of liver disease has increased by over 400% in a generation, so it’s fantastic that EastEnders have decided to highlight how people can quite literally drink themselves to death.”

Phil’s heartbreaking story line will be shown on screen within the next few weeks on BBC One.

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