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Strictly Come Dancing Final Recap!

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After 13 intense weeks of gruelling training, learning dance routines and dancing to the nation every weekend, it’s come down to this the grand final.

The four remaining couples were feeling the nerves tonight as not only did they have to dance once, in fact they had to dance 3 times so the pressure was on.

The first dances were chosen by the judges that the couple’s had danced in previous weeks and this was there chance to improve and score higher.

First up was Jay and Alliona and they were given the Quickstep that Jay struggled with earlier in the competition as he did quite a few mistakes. Jay wanted to do his best and show why he deserved to be in the final. Jay seemed very confident and didn’t let the nerves get the better of him. Bruno said that he is a brilliant dancer. Having previously danced The Quickstep earlier on in the competition he only managed to score 25. But the second time around he impressed the judges and the public and the judges scored him four 9’s giving him a great total of 36.

Jay had a chance to improve his score with his second dance which was a showdance that would demonstrate his dance ability and show what he has learned throughout the competition. He seemed confident but the judges weren’t keen as they wanted more from the dance in particular Len as he wanted it to be more of a showstopper.. But he still managed to score highly and gained a score of 35.

Next up was Georgia and Giovanni who have really shone throughout the competition. They were given the Rhumba by the judges as they wanted to see more content in the dance as Georgia has demonstrated that she is an amazing dancer. Craig also wanted to see more hip action.
She didn’t show any signs of nerves on the dance floor and showed that she is a natural dancer. There sure was a lot more content in the Rhumba this time and that was mentioned by the judges and they were really impressed especially Craig as he seemed to be in a good mood tonight (which is very rare) and he was impressed that she took his critique on board about the lack of hip action.
Georgia and Giovanni scored a very reasonable score of 36. But they still had their showdance to do which was surely going to have the wow factor!

Georgia and Giovanni certainly excelled in their showdance with Georgia being blindfolded at the beginning of the dance which was a dangerous move as it could have gone wrong. The dance was beautiful that showed a lot of romance and content. Again she impressed the judges as they were intrigued with the beginning of their dance. The judges seemed to love Georgia and she has definitely made a name for herself throughout the competition.
The judges scored her highly on this dance and she seems the one to watch in this competition.

Up next was Kelly Bright and Kevin and wow, she has shown that she was born to dance. Her dances have been phenomenal throughout the competition. What dance were the judges going to choose for her and Kevin? Well they chose the Tango that she did in week one because they could see the potential in this dance and she seemed pleased. Her attitude and commitment have been faultless every week and we always look forward to seeing her dance. Once again she impressed everyone and one particular person she impressed was Craig, he couldn’t praise her enough. She was like a professional out there and her scores showed this as she scored the perfect 40! The first perfect score of the series. But with a showdance to come could Kellie score the perfect 40 again?

It was time for Kellie’s showdance and no one knew what to expect, was it going to be a slow dance or a fast dance. Well it certainly wasn’t slow, the energy and effort Kellie put into her showdance was unbelievable. They did a lindi hop dance that they learned from scratch that demonstrated energy, consistency and rhythm and the judges were wowed by her dance ability. Yet again she impressed the judges scoring the perfect 40 again putting her at the top of the leader board. Could anyone stop her?

Finally it was Katie and Antons turn to dance. What dance would the judges choose for them. Well they chose the Quickstep as she struggled with it the first time. This was Katie’s second opportunity to impress. She showed nerves in the dance and did a few mistakes but in my opinion there was improvement this time. The judges seemed to agree and Craig said there was vast improvement and she looked more confident. She scored a reasonable score of 31.

It was showdance time for Katie and Anton and again we didn’t know whether it would be a fast and energetic dance or a slow and fiery dance. Katie was definitely feeling the nerves again and it seemed to affect her dance a little bit and she lost concentration. The judges picked up on this and said that she didn’t look comfortable and this would probably affect her score from the judges. She managed to score 31 again but she finished bottom of the leader board.

It’s been an intense final and it’s too close to call. There maybe an upset in the votes tonight. Make sure you vote for.your favourite if you want to see them lift the glitterball trophy and win Strictly Come Dancing.

The results show will commence at 9pm tonight and the winner will be revealed.

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