EastEnders Spoilers: Kush’s baby secret is revealed by his own mum!

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Kush’s mum Carmel makes a Christmas blunder on Eastenders as she accidentally reveals her son’s baby secret.

We recently saw Carmel shocked and stunned that her son is the father of Stacey Brannings unborn child, which in fact has the potential to ruin his marriage to Shabnam.

Carmel makes a drastic move on Christmas Eve after learning that Stacey is due to give birth anytime soon.

Carmel decides to give Stacey a thoughtful gift for the baby but her gesture is not all what it seems as it has severe consequences when Shabnam witnesses her handing the gift over.

Shabnam becomes confused and curious and she decides to take a closer look at the gift when she spots it in Stacey’s bag.

A horrified Shabnam realises the significance of the gift but is unable to confront Stacey about it as Stacey suddenly goes into labour at the nativity play. Shabnam feels she needs to confront her best friend on Christmas day but will Stacey reveal all?

EastEnders will air these scenes on Christmas Eve at 8:30pm and Christmas day at 8:45pm on BBC One.

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