EastEnders: Kat Moon’s devastating long lost son secret is rumbled!

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In the New Year, we’ll see Kat Moon explode into a huge range when she finally finds out the shocking truth about her long lost son.

She will return to EastEnders with a fiery storyline that involves her long lost son and will change her life forever. She learns that she has a grown up son that she never knew about. Sister Ruth (played by June Whitfield) will reveal all to Kat in early January while telling her that her daughter Zoe was actually a twin.

Kat is shocked and very curious by the truth and her mood suddenly turns to fury when she starts throwing suspicions around. First of all, she suspects that her grandmother Mo Harris knew all about this all along.

After furious rows and shocking revelations, the Slaters are then dealt with a blow as Kat’s father Charlie dies of a suspected heart attack shortly after making his return to the Square.

It seems that all of the drama has taken its toll on the Slaters but what remains to be seen is did Kat’s father Charlie know about Kat’s long lost child too?

This cannot be missed, tune into find out what happens with the Slaters on Albert Square.

EastEnders will air these scenes in early January on BBC One.

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