EastEnders: Big surprises and twists set to happen in Albert Square

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Eastenders is set to get exciting as huge story lines and unexpected twists are set to hit Albert Square that are surely going to get the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Eastenders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has a warning for fans this Christmas ‘Watch the live episodes or risk some major spoilers’.

The production team have promised and assured fans that there is going to be shocking twists and exciting surprises over the festive period and they are hoping to match the cliffhangers that we saw in the last live episode of Eastenders for its 30th anniversary back in February.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins has encouraged viewers not to miss any of the live episodes or they will run the risk of being spoiled. He has also said that “This is a Christmas of secrets and a Christmas of surprises. It’s a Christmas that the audience is going to want to watch live, because nothing is as you expect.”

”This year we’ve looked at Christmas in four different stages. We decided to treat this a bit like we treated Live Week. It’s epic! There are secrets. There are twists. There are a hell of a lot of stories going on and a lot of surprises.” He then further explained his reasons behind the twists and surprises.

“The first act is the lead-up to Christmas Day, and that’s a big story line for Ronnie and Vincent because you’ve got the Mitchells vs the Hubbards. Sharon’s concerns about Bobby are building and Bobby’s bad behaviour is building too, but Jane is oblivious to it”.

In act 2 we will see some strange behaviour from Stacey Slater and some mad Carter Christmas fun. In act 3 we will see Dean and Roxy’s relationship take a turn for the worst as Dean shows his nasty side, we will also see Mick and Linda’s wedding on New Years day which Dean tries to ruin and this will lead onto act 4 which will be aired at the beginning of January which will show the start of Stacey’s psychosis story line and shockingly Kat finds out that she has a son.

There is also going to be another big story line for Denise and we are going to find out about Claudette’s true colours.

Surely all of this in return is going to keep a lot of Eastenders fans hitched and glued to their television screens because this can’t be missed, what happens in Albert Square, stays in Albert Square!

Eastenders will air an hour long special episode on Christmas day at 8:45pm on BBC One which will include a death of a major character.

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