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Home and Away: Brax’s return storyline has never been done on the show before

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Home and Away producers are gearing up for Brax’s return to the Australian soap next year with the actor recently saying that the storyline he’s involved in ”hasn’t been done on the show before.”

While speaking to Yahoo Australia, Steve Peacocke said: ”Next year, there is a pretty significant storyline.

“You might call it the finale to Brax but I think the audience are really going to enjoy it. If I was an audience member, that storyline is something I would want to see.”
The star continued to say: ”It is something that ​has never been done in the 27 years of the show. The producers put that to me and I went, ‘Yeah right! What hasn’t been done?’ But I read it and it hasn’t!
“It was good fun to do. It is not some big explosion or anything. It’s just a really cool episode.”

Residents of Summer Bay currently think that Brax is dead after an escape from prison went wrong with the Summer Bay bad boy involved in a car crash.

Brax made an appearance at the season finale of Home and Away in Australia, however the details of his storyline will be revealed early next year.

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