EastEnders: Phil Mitchell’s daughter, Louise will return to Albert Square next year

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Next year will see EastEnders reintroduce Phil Mitchell’s daughter, Louise. She’ll be returning to Walford 5 years after Peggy Mitchell sent her back to live with her mum as she feared Phil was incapable of looking after her.

Louise will be played by Tilly Keeper. She’ll play a fourteen year old teenager that’s feisty and fearless.

Bosses aren’t revealing anything about her storyline or why she has come back to Walford but it’s bound to impact Phil tremendously, especially if he keeps drinking as much as he currently is.

The actor who play Louise (Tilly Keeper), has said she’s thrilled to ”be joining the Mitchell clan”. The actor has also said: ”It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to get stuck into the role and see what lies in store for Louise.”

These scenes will air sometime in early 2016, although and exact time frame hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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