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After months of waiting, the Kiely’s and Hennessey’s finally come face to face in the courtroom. Emotions run high as each family anxiously awaits Michael’s sentencing. He may have secured a plea bargain for the manslaughter of Darren Kiely but it’s up to the judge to determine if he’ll end up behind bars. Bridget Kiely isn’t feeling confident, there’s no chance a judge will pick their side over the Hennessey’s. A distraught Vinnie struggles putting pen to paper for the victim impact statement. This is their last chance to get justice for Darren.  Will they get it right?

At the courts, a last minute change in judge sends Patricia into frenzy. The new judge has been known to hand down severe sentences and she insists it would be in everyone’s best interest to reschedule. The Kiely’s won’t hear of it, they‘ve waited long enough to find out the fate of the man who killed their son. Will the trial go ahead or will Patricia get her way?

Elsewhere, a blissfully unaware Paudge runs into Beady Burke. Paudge believed he’d finally shaken the gangster but it seems Beady isn’t finished with him quite yet. He can’t move without being followed by the Gardaí and needs Paudge to do more of his dirty work. Can Paudge really refuse when his mother’s safety is put on the line?

Red Rock airs these scenes this Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm on TV3 Ireland.

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