Hollyoaks: SPOILERS! See what’s to come next week

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When Reenie receives an unexpected letter she is forced to face secrets from the past. Tegan is heartbroken when someone close to her is rushed to hospital. Celine’s festive cheer quickly evaporates when a good turn backfires horrendously.

Lisa burns with jealousy over Theresa and Zack – will she reveal her true feelings? When Porsche follows her gut instinct she is floored by what she finds. John Paul reflects on his and Ste’s pact to meet on Christmas Day – is he heading for a fall?

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It’s an explosive night for the Lomax family as Cameron will let nothing stop him from being part of Peri’s life. Lockie fears for Porsche as she struggles to come to terms with her heart-breaking discovery. Lisa braces herself to come clean – will her affections be returned?

Ste is forced to choose between John Paul and Harry one final time. Reenie and Porsche prepare to say goodbye to Hollyoaks. Lisa’s lies spiral out of control – can she keep her secret safe? Tegan has a decision to make – will she have a merry Christmas?

Hollyoaks airs these scenes from Monday 21st of December at 6:30pm on Channel 4. There will be no Friday episode.

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