Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Emma Willis gives us the gossip on new housemates!

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Host Emma Willis has recently talked about the new housemates that will live in the Celebrity Big Brother house for month from January 5th next year – it looks set to be a promising series!

Emma said the following about the new housemates: ”There are a couple in there that I was so excited about, purely because of my own love of them in the past.

“Aside from people you may have loved in the past, there are just some great characters who I think will give TV gold” the star continued to say.

She’s also hinted that we’ll see a few faces who we might not be as familiar with like Farrah from CBB16 and Jasmine from CBB13.

”Often the people you’ve never heard of end up being the biggest names of the series. I don’t think many people knew who Farrah Abraham was before she did CBB

“But we all know who she is now!  She definitely provided a hell of a lot of content.  Jasmine Waltz, as well. I didn’t know who she was, but she just delivered brilliantly​.”

Emma was asked what couple she’d like to see enter the house together, and the star said: ”I’d like to see Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford go in.

“They are my ultimate couple to go in there.  I know them quite well personally, and I’ve been around them as a couple, and I love watching them in a social situation.  I can’t stop watching them on television. I find their dynamics as a couple quite fascinating.”

Celebrity Big Brother returns on January 5th at 9pm on Channel 5 and to TV3 Ireland for Irish viewers.

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