Casualty: Home for Christmas episode confirmed

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It’s Christmas Eve, and spirits are high in Holby – although not everyone is feeling merry.

A nervous Cal takes Charlie with him when he goes to meet his birth mother, but as soon as she enters the room it’s clear that she has some kind of serious illness. Angry with her for not contacting him before, Cal struggles to know what to do.

Dixie learns that her superiors are investigating Jess’s complaint, and if she apologises it could make things much better for her. But she’s determined to do what’s right for Olivia, and vows to see this through to the end.

Iain and Rita continue to flirt and Iain accidentally sends a sext to Robyn. But will she guess it was meant for Rita? Jacob unselfishly gives up his Christmas to be with Connie.

Casualty will air these scenes on Saturday, 19th December at 8:50pm on BBC One.

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